Appartement Bord de la Mer was purchased as a dream project in 2005. This consisted of the renovation of an unloved 1870's neoclassical ni├žoise building. Situated on the original medieval thoroughfare road of Rue de France, within the heart of Nice's Golden Quarter (Carre d'Or). The building and Rue de France, being well established long before the Promenade des Anglais was built.

This project was completed after much sweat, blood & tears and became a reality of a dream to now share with our guests. Providing all our guests the best location, being central to everything, along with all the comforts of home, where-ever you are from in the world. To date we have had guests from all over the world including; USA, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Germany, Poland, Russia, Romania, Italy, Ireland, Holland, Barbados, UK and Canada.

Many of our guests return year after year. We view many of them as not just guests, but now our friends. We hope that you will also not only be our most welcome guests, but also our friends and share the magic of the South France whilst staying with us in Appartement Bord de la Mer! Wishing you a great stay and 300 days of Sunshine, Adventure , Relaxation, Fine Dining & Wines!

A Bientot Richard & Family x